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There are many ways to help the animals at Sharkarosa.

You Can Help

What better way to give back, than to make a donation that will help the rescued animals of Sharkarosa?

White Tiger face tongue out
Squirrel Monkey at Sharkarosa Zoo

Items We Need Everyday

Below is a list of items that our zookeepers use every day to care for the 180+ animals that call Sharkarosa home.

Towels (in good condition)
Wash cloths (in good condition)
Dawn dish soap
Hose nozzles
Blankets (in good condition)
Simple Green
Pet beds
Zip ties
Combination locks
Peanut butter
Paper bags – lunch bag size

Dried fruits
Heating pads
Large rubber balls
Flowers not treated with chemicals
Scented lotionsDry dog food
Children’s play sand
Wood shavings
Sugar free jello

Visit Sharkarosa and discover your next wild adventure!

Splash Pad Information

We are closed today due to severe storms.
Come see us tomorrow!

We are excited to see what happens when the sun disappears! Come find out how the animals will behave with us! Gates open at 12pm, the estimated time of total darkness is around 1:45pm, the park will close at 3pm. During peak eclipse hour we will be feeding our Lions Tigers Bears (oh my) and our Hyena! Predator feedings are at 1:30pm (lion tiger), 1:45pm (bear), and 2:00pm (hyena)

🐰🥚 Join us for an egg-citing Egg hunt in our open field across from the zebras.  Tickets are just $5, and there are 9 special eggs hidden with tickets that will send you to our Carrot Pull station at 1:30 PM! 🥕✨ Pull a carrot from the bin and discover what you’ve won—it could be a season pass! 👀🙌🏼 

Closed This Holiday Weekend

We will be closed this weekend to focus on the care of our animals. Thank you to all of our guests and supporters that have gifted the animals enrichment. Stay tuned to see them opening their gifts! 
We can’t wait to see you and your family next weekend when the weather will be nice and sunny!!